How to work smoothly with gamers in Japan.


This article is written by someone who only scored about 50 on an English test.
I apologize if the English is difficult to understand.


Speak with few words.

A few words, or rather, one word.
Of course there are Japanese who can understand and speak English.
But the number is small.
Most Japanese gamers can only hear the major words and can converse using those words.


For example, a conversation at Apex.

If you want a gun, all you have to say is the name of the gun and “Please”.
If you want a recovery item, all you have to say is the name of the item and “Please”.
It is easier to get the message across if you speak slowly and keep your speech short.



I’m not trying to make fun of Japanese people.
I’m just saying that it might be better to try to converse with words rather than trying to converse with long sentences.

Thank you for reading this far into my poor English.