Fallout76 for PS4, crashes daily, help Bethesda


This is an article about how I hope the machine-translated English text reaches Bethesda.
The PS4 version of Fallout 76 is already at its specs limit.

Seek implementation of data transfer function to other consoles.【Fallout76】

Fallout76 was unstable from the beginning, but lately it is becoming even more unstable.
I am not really thinking about buying a PS4pro or PS5 for this game.

*I don’t care how you address the error codes. This error appears even if this is a crash due to lack of specs.

As long as it is sold on PS4, I want it to work properly on PS4.

If you can’t do that, then please do something like stop selling it on PS4 like Cyberpunk 2077, or stop recommending playing it on PS4.
Or please implement a save data transfer feature.
The game is fun, but this is a waste.

I am a Japanese PS4 user who is enjoying this game up to the 600 level.
Even if I can’t transfer all the data, I would like to continue on PC if I could transfer just the items for C.A.M.P.

The following is a bug that seems to be caused by lack of specs.

  • When I log in, some of the perks are off by themselves.
  • All emotes are gone when I log in.
  • Infinite load when trying to go to the pitt.
  • Game crashes under unknown conditions and infinite loading.
  • The game becomes so choppy that you can’t play properly during events with a lot of people.
  • The controls in inventory are choppy.

There are more, but these are just the ones I can think of right now.